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March 27, 2015 7:08 am

FindProz.com: The Education Marketplace

Music instructors, tutors, acting coaches, athletic trainers, and more can list their private lessons on FindProz.com and find students to teach.

Music Makes Kids Smarter


I just read an interesting blog post about researchers’ different findings on how music improve brain function. Apparently, a PET scan of the brain shows that we are hard-wired for music: there are neural pathways designated specifically for making and interpreting music. When these neural pathways are actively used as a child learns a musical [...]


How to Find the Right Math Tutor


If your child needs help with math, there are several ways to go about getting the help needed. One way is to ask about after-school tutoring programs offered at your child’s school. Another is to hire a personal tutor locally that can either come to your home for tutoring or meet your child at the [...]


Daily Music Teacher News


Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a newspaper tailored just to your interests? If you are a music instructor, we think we have what you’re looking for. The Music Teacher’s Daily is an online newspaper composed of articles, blog posts, videos, and photos posted on Twitter by content providers we have selected. The paper is [...]